How much will I get paid for EarnApp+ and what are the requirements and restrictions?

Ricardo Seixas
Ricardo Seixas
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EarnApp+ pays you a flat hourly income for unlimited use. To redeem the maximum daily rate - the user must stay online 24 hours a day.

Download the latest open beta version HERE.

EarnApp+ can utilize up to 80% of CPU/RAM, which is only in specific instances. In most cases, the app won't consistently use that much of your resources.

The increased load arises from the process of opening and closing various incognito Chrome/Chromium instances in the background during peak usage times and depending on your CPU and RAM specifications, you may observe this level of load. Users with newer CPUs typically won't encounter such a heavy load. For more information please click/press HERE

The concept is similar to opening multiple web pages simultaneously, which naturally increases CPU/RAM usage.

NOTE: Please uninstall any previous EarnApp installation before installing this version, or else you will not be prompted with the screen to choose this mode.

Maximum monthly earnings:

  • EU $7/month - (Connected 24h day, 30 days period)
  • USA - $10/month - (Connected 24h day, 30 days period)
  • Rest of the World - $5/month - (Connected 24h day, 30 days period)


  • One computer (Desktop or Laptop)
  • Windows 10 and later (EarnApp+ will not generate earnings on versions below Windows10)
  • Latest Windows .NET framework version
  • PC must have at least 15GB RAM (If the system detects less than 15GB, EarnApp+ will automatically stop)
  • Residential IP, ISP type (Check your IP type at




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