Is EarnApp+ going to use my computer resources?

Ricardo Seixas
Ricardo Seixas
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EarnApp+ can utilize up to 80% of CPU/RAM, which is only in specific instances. In most cases, the app won't consistently use that much of your resources.

The increased load arises from the process of opening and closing various incognito Chrome/Chromium instances in the background during peak usage times and depending on your CPU and RAM specifications, you may observe this level of load. Users with newer CPUs typically won't encounter such a heavy load.

The concept is similar to opening multiple web pages simultaneously, which naturally increases CPU/RAM usage.

Here's an example:

EarnApp+ initiates the opening of multiple pages, for example, Amazon and Walmart, to gather price data. Once the necessary information is collected, these pages are promptly closed, and the next set is accessed.
The quantity of pages opened is contingent on demand and the available CPU/RAM capacity of your device. In the event that either of these resources approaches 80% utilization, EarnApp+ will automatically take action by closing some pages to alleviate the system load.

If you find that EarnApp+ is causing interruptions to your ongoing tasks, we recommend temporarily disabling it until you've completed your activities.

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