What is EarnApp Plus?

Ricardo Seixas
Ricardo Seixas
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EarnApp Plus is an EarnApp mode exclusively for Windows that uses its own Chromium version to download public web pages on a real browser in the user's computer for a fixed income - it’s like renting your computer’s resources.

You don’t have to do anything, it is all automated and does not interfere with computer activities.

Web pages are downloaded in a separate incognito mode Chromium browser and nothing is saved. No personal data is collected.


EarnApp+ is currently in the open beta phase. The application is still under construction and may encounter occasional bugs or issues. The purpose of the open beta phase is to allow users like yourself to test the app and provide feedback, helping us identify and address any problems that arise.

While we appreciate your understanding and support during this beta phase, we want to let you know that we cannot offer compensation for any bugs or issues encountered related to loss of earnings. EarnApp+ is still under development, so occurrences are a normal part of the testing process.

EarnApp+ will be available for a limited number of users, this is your chance, JOIN NOW!!

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