How are the referral program rewards calculated and rewarded?

Ricardo Seixas
Ricardo Seixas
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For each qualified Installation you will receive payment immediately after installation, and the rest over 30 days, as detailed below:

  • As soon as the application is installed using your referral link, you will earn 1% of the country’s rate as detailed in the dashboard and updated from time to time. 
  • Then, for every day we detect the application is still installed and online, you will receive an additional payment, for up to 30 days, and until you receive the total payment for the qualified Installation in the applicable country as detailed in the dashboard, and updated from time to time. 
  • We count active days up to 60 days from the application’s original installation date. To get the maximum payment, the application does not need to be online 30 days in a row. It can be a total of 30 days during 60 days.

    [rate-1%/30= earning pre-day60-day from a single referral]

Earnings from referral programs will be added to EarnApp the balance will show in your dashboard.


  • Bob sent Jenny a referral link for BrightVPN on the 29-Jun. Jenny lives in the US. The rate for a US install of BrightVPN is $3.
  • On 1 July, Jenny clicked the link again and installed BrightVPN.
  • As soon as Jenny’s installation is completed, Bob will see $0.03 added to his EarnApp balance.
  • Jenny keeps BrightVPN on her PC. She turns her PC on and off, goes on vacation, etc. Every day that Jenny is online increases Bob’s balance by $2.97/30 (meaning: by $0.099 or 9.9 cents).
  • On 1-Aug Jenny was online for a total of 20 days. This means Bob’s balance increased by 20×9.9 cents per day (from online days) for a total of $1.98.
  • Since EarnApp allows a 60-day window to maximize earnings, if Jenny is online for a total of 10 days until 1-Sep, Bob will get the maximum payment of $3.
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