Can I install EarnApp on a Virtual Machine or Docker?

Ricardo Seixas
Ricardo Seixas
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No, installing EarnApp on a Virtual Machine (VM) including docker containers is not allowed. If our system detects such usage, your account will be terminated without prior warning.

EarnApp is intended for use on personal devices only (such as personal computers, mobile devices, SmartTVs, etc. that are in actual use by you as part of your everyday life). For the avoidance of doubt, EarnApp should not be installed in hosting services (including personal /”home servers”) or on other non-personal use devices. Installing EarnApp on non-personal devices constitutes a violation of EarnApp’s terms of use.

Our goal is to offer a fair earning opportunity for all users and EarnApp was not created to be a primary source of income but rather a "pocket money" application. It's designed to be installed on your everyday devices, helping cover expenses like your Discord Nitro or Netflix subscription.

We also encourage you to review the "Restrictions" section of our terms of service (TOS) for further details:

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