Where is my PayPal payment?

EarnApp Support (by Ricardo)
EarnApp Support (by Ricardo)
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We usually issue PayPal payments once a day from Sunday to Thursday but it can take up to 7 business days, please check the estimation date in the "transactions" section of your EarnApp account dashboard.

If your EarnApp transaction shows as “Paid” but you did not receive the payment, your PayPal account may be currently Limited. Check your email as you should receive an email from PayPal to proceed with a verification process which includes proof of address and Identification as a procedure in complying with money laundering laws. If the PayPal account is closed or users mistyped their account email, the amount will go back to your account dashboard in the following days after the payment is processed.

Users must have a valid PayPal account. EarnApp will not take any responsibility for any issue regarding possible Limitations and closed accounts due to country restrictions or lack of documentation.

We also do not recommend using third-party PayPal accounts as an exchange method for other currencies. We are not responsible for or will be able to provide any support regarding possible losses or transactions ID information.

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