What is EarnApp used for? And how does EarnApp make revenue to pay me?

Ricardo Seixas
Ricardo Seixas
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Bright Data compensates users for leveraging their internet connections to gather publicly available web data, such as product prices, flight details, and online advertisements.

With over 20,000 clients, including major banks, universities, social networks, eCommerce platforms, and well-known brands, BrightData facilitates publicly available data retrieval requests through EarnApp. It's essential to understand that Bright Data doesn't acquire any personal data from users, and their clients do not have access to users' IP addresses or internet connections. All public data collection and processing are conducted exclusively by Bright Data.

EarnApp by Bright Data adheres to GDPR standards and does not access or collect any private information.

For more insights into EarnApp's usage, please check out the below video:

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